Can I Afford to Hire a Cleaning Professional?

Are you someone who works a lot but dreads coming home to a messy house? Do you periodically waste your hard-earned money eating out because you can’t face your kitchen long enough to cook? If this is you, you’re not alone. Many people feel this way but think they can’t afford to hire a cleaning professional to help.

So the question remains…

Can I really afford to hire a cleaning professional?

Let’s get real here, sometimes cleaning your home is hard. So hard in fact that the only option you have left is to hire help. But can you really afford it? Would hiring help cost you more than you can chew? 

The cost of a professional cleaner isn’t as expensive as you think. Especially when you step back and look at how the on-demand economy has revitalized the service industry. But if dollar equations don’t do it for you, taking the time to learn that your time is sometimes more valuable than money should.

Sometimes trading a few bucks for more time at work (with friends or family) could be just the thing you need. Hiring a professional house cleaner is more about prioritizing your busy on-demand life and less about the cost effects. 

You can read some of the benefits of a cleaning service here.

Things to consider

When it comes time to hire help for your house, consider asking yourself the following questions:

  • Do I enjoy this task or is in fundamental to my household chores? If not you should consider hiring help.
  • What else could I do with the time that I spend cleaning each week? Could I be exercising, making more money or enjoying time with friends or family?
  • Am I using the time I should be using to focus on my health and well being? 
  • Does the cost of a professional cleaner really compare to what I could be doing?

Spekless Professional House Cleaners

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5 Genius Household Cleaning Hacks That Will Blow Your Mind

Looking for some new and fresh ideas to help you spice up your household cleaning routine? Look no further.

Here are five genius household cleaning hacks that every homeowner needs:

1. Freshen up your sink with baking soda

Is there a bad smell coming from your sink or garbage disposal? Have you tried every chemical in your cleaning closet to get rid of it? Try sprinkling a little bit of baking soda down the drain. Baking soda is a natural odor eliminator and it will help get rid of any bad smells coming from the sink.

2. Soak your burners in ammonia 

Having trouble cleaning the burners on your stove? You’ve soaked them in every cleaner imaginable and they’re still not coming clean? Try soaking them in ammonia (which you can find in the cleaning supply aisle at the store) for a couple of hours. Once they’ve had a chance to soak in ammonia for a few hours they should wipe away completely clean. 

3. Get those baseboards with a dryer sheet

Baseboards are everyone’s least favorite household chore, we get it. But that’s only because it’s a pain to clean them, until now. Stick a dryer sheet on the end of your broom and run it along the edges of your baseboards. Not only will this help you dust them, but it’ll also help fresh things up a bit too.

4. Pop a bowl of vinegar in the microwave to clean it

This is possibly one of our favorite household cleaning hacks out there. Take a little bowl (one that is microwave safe) and add a half a cup of white cleaning vinegar to it and then pop it in the microwave on high for 3-5 minutes. Once the microwave goes off, let it sit for 2 minutes before removing the bowl and wiping the microwave completely clean. No more scrubbing away hard, stuck-on food.

5. Run vinegar through the coffee pot

The coffee pot is probably one of the most neglected household appliances in your house. Of course, you use it every day, but how often are you actually cleaning it? Fill the pot with vinegar and run it through the coffee machine at night before you go to bed. This will help with the mineral build-up inside the coffee pot and it will make your coffee taste better.

Bonus Hack

6. Contact Spekless for help

Behind every squeaky clean home is a professional house cleaner that helps them make it happen. Whether you need help with once a month deep cleaning or routine weekly cleaning we’ve got you covered. Contact us today for a free estimate and to see how our professional house cleaners can help you achieve the goals of your household.

Why Professional House Cleaning Could Mean a World of Difference

Many homeowners aren’t aware of the benefits that a professional house cleaning service can provide to them. They spend a lot of time stressing out about their dirty homes and trying to clean it themselves only to fail in the end. So they hire an individual cleaner to help them and end up unhappy with the results.

Here’s why a professional house cleaner could make a world of difference in your home:

Professional house cleaners have been trained

Having a professional house cleaner come to your house is better than paying an individual housekeeper. This is for the simple fact that professional cleaners have been fully-trained to do the job. Now we’re not saying all individual housekeepers don’t know what they’re doing. But instead what we are saying is that professional house cleaners have been taught how to clean your house from top to bottom. It can make a huge difference in the outcome of the service.

Most of the time they’re bonded & insured

If you’ve properly done your due diligence on a cleaning company before hiring them, the company you hire should be bonded and insured. Professional house cleaning companies are often structured to protect both the employees and the clients. Which means if personal possessions are damaged or the cleaner is injured on the job, the company is liable and not you.

Taxes can be a pain

Paying an individual house cleaner can often times be a pain when tax season comes. If you hire outside help, you may be considered an employer by the IRS. That means that you’ll need to file an I-9 for your cleaner and submit information yearly. You can easily avoid this mess by utilizing the help of a local cleaning company.

Spekless professional house cleaning

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Tips & Tricks to Help You Keep Your Kitchen Counters Clutter-Free

Having trouble keeping your kitchen counters clean and clutter-free? Consider the following tips & tricks to help you stay on the right track and keep things organized in the kitchen.

Use wall space to hang things

The wall is a great place to hang utensils, pots and pans, and even kitchen decor. It’s also great for decluttering the kitchen counter. Consider hanging things on the wall instead of leaving them lying on the counter to take up space.

Place appliances under the counter

Once you’ve finished with the blender go ahead and stash it under the counter in a cabinet so it’s out of the way. This will provide you with more counter space and leave you with a clutter-free kitchen. You can do this with like toaster ovens, coffee pots, and again the blender.

Have a junk drawer

Another way to keep your kitchen counter clutter-free is to have a junk drawer. A junk drawer is good to put miscellaneous things in including old papers, mail, stationery, and virtually anything else that can be found floating around on the counter. Just throw it in the junk drawer.

Don’t decorate too much

Decorating is fun, but sometimes it can cause more harm than good. Too much decor can often leave your space, in this case, the kitchen, looking more cluttered than clean. Do yourself a favor and limit the decor for a clutter-free kitchen.

Spekless House Cleaning

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The Importance Home Cleaning Routines

Having a home cleaning routine is important for many reasons. It provides order and structure in your house. It gives you a sense of accomplishment. And most importantly, it keeps your home nice and clean.

Why having a cleaning routine is important

It’s important to create a home cleaning routine so that you can have a schedule that works for you and not one that works you. Learning to establish this routine early on will help keep your house clean and keep you on track with your busy life. There are also some really good benefits to having a clean home like reducing daily stress, living in a healthier environment, and increasing your physical activity.

How to build a cleaning routine

Building a home cleaning routine is easy. And just like any other routine, it gets easier the more you practice it. There are a couple of different ways you can build your home cleaning routine such as creating a chart/cleaning calendar and hiring a professional cleaning service to help.

When building your home cleaning routine you want to look at each room individually. Get out the pen and paper and make sure that you list all of the needs of each room so you don’t forget anything. You can always go back later and organize your cleaning routine on a calendar or on an Etsy printable.

Once you’ve done that you can begin cleaning your home. The more you practice your cleaning routine, the faster you’ll get at cleaning your home.


As you can see, having a home cleaning routine is something that everyone should have. A cleaning routine not only helps you get in the habit of cleaning, it gives you the chance to build a better mindset with a clean home. All it takes is a little bit of planning and maybe a checklist or two before you’ve created the perfect house cleaning routine for your house.

Professional cleaning service

Do you need help with your home cleaning? Our professional house cleaners can help. Here at Spekless, we have trained our cleaners to provide you with the utmost excellent housekeeping experience to fit all of your household’s needs.

Why Safe Cleaning Should Be Your Top Priority

Cleaning essentially plays an important part in our daily lives. From cleaning ourselves to cleaning our houses, it’s something we just can’t avoid. That’s why it’s important to do it right and to practice safe cleaning habits.

Safe cleaning 101

Safe cleaning in a household is important for many different reasons. Cleaning chemicals can at times cause burns, skin irritation, and allergic reactions if not used properly. They can also cause damage to any surface your using them to clean. In order to prevent any of these occurrences from happening it’s imperative that you practice safe cleaning.

Always read the directions first

One of the most important ways to practice safe cleaning is to get in the habit of reading the label on any chemical product you plan to use before you use it.

Use rubber gloves

Rubber cleaning gloves are another great way to practice safe cleaning. These prevent any chemicals from getting to your hands and causing any chemical burns or allergic reactions.

Consider green cleaners

Green cleaning products are the best option for families with children that are looking to adopt some new safety habits. Green cleaners are generally less harsh than typical house cleaners and they are environmentally friendly.

Don’t mix products

One of the most dangerous things about cleaning is mixing chemicals together. Mixing chemicals together can cause chemical burns, damage to the surface, and even explosions. Check out MSDS for more information on mixing chemicals.

Clean in a well-ventilated area

Whenever you’re using a strong chemical to clean you need to make sure there’s enough air the room for you to breathe. Open up the window and make sure there’s good airflow before beginning that task.


At Spekless we understand and value the importance of safe cleaning. Contact us today to see what our professional house cleaners can do for you. As a professional home cleaning service, you can count on us for safety and quality.

Living Room Cleaning Checklist

Living room cleaning checklist

1. Declutter

To start off your living room cleaning checklist, the first thing you’ll do is go through and declutter your living room. Make sure the space is free and clear and easily accessible.

2. Dust

Now go through and dust everything using a cleaning cloth and a dusting spray. For high places, you can use a hand duster. And for the blinds, you can use either a hand duster or the brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner.

3. Sanitize

Once you’re done dusting the entire living room you can start to sanitize any surfaces that need to be disinfected. Surfaces include but are not limited to any remote controls, buttons on the entertainment system, a home telephone, and any handles on drawers or doors.

4. Upholstery

After you’ve sanitized everything now you can go through and clean all of your upholstery. Start by vacuuming the surface using the brush attachment on your vacuum. And if you have any covers on your upholstery you can go ahead and throw them in the washing machine. After you’ve vacuumed the surface you can wipe it down with a damp cleaning cloth or by using the recommended cleaning regime specified by the manufacturer.

5. Shelving

If you have any shelves or drawers in your living room nows the time to clean them out. Wipe down any shelves and pull everything out of the drawers before wiping them down as well. Just take your cleaning cloth and spray it with antibacterial dusting spray before wiping down the surface.

6. Windows

Now it’s time to break out the window cleaner and your microfiber cleaning cloth and clean all the windows in your living room. For this step, you could also go the old fashion route and use newspaper if you don’t have a microfiber rag.

7. Floors

The last thing for you to do in this living room cleaning checklist is to sweep, vacuum, and mop the floors (if applicable). Once you’re done with that you can kick your feet back and relax. You deserve it!

For more living room cleaning tips, check out this post.


Did this living room cleaning checklist work for you? If so, be sure to check out our blog for more house cleaning tips. Or if you’re interested in getting help cleaning yourself, go ahead and contact us today for a free service estimate. We are here to help!

Living Room Cleaning Tips

The living room is often the center focal point of ones home. It’s often known as the family room. This is where the family gathers after a long day, where you visit with friends and family, and where you enjoy the holidays. Because of that, it’s important to keep a clean living room. Today we’re sharing living room cleaning tips that will help you get your living room on the right track.

Living room cleaning tips


The first thing you want to do when cleaning your living room is to make sure that it’s not cluttered. A lot of times people confuse clutter with dirt. Just because something is cluttered, doesn’t mean it’s dirty. So first things first, declutter your living room. Make sure everything has a home and if it doesn’t toss it in the donate pile.


Next thing you’ll do is go through and make sure everything is dusted. Grab your microfiber cleaning rag and dusting spray and wipe down any wood furniture, shelving, blinds, end or coffee tables, etc. This is also the time to go around and disinfect any surfaces that need disinfecting such as the remotes and the tables.


After you’ve decluttered and dusted, nows the time to divide and conquer. By that I mean, work section by section cleaning the windows, washing any upholstery covers, changing out any air fresheners, and cleaning the floors. It’s best to work from the inside of the living room out.

Need help cleaning your living room?

The key to a clean house is keeping consistency. That means you’ll need to clean often. We know this can be hard to do when you have a career and a family to take care of. Which is why we’re here to help. Our professional house cleaners live for this type of work. It’s what we’re here for. Contact us today for a free service estimate.


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