How to Master the Art of Spot Cleaning

Despite that cleaning our house should be on the top of our priority list, it is often the last thing on our mind when it comes to our busy lives. We may try to ignore our growing to-do list of cleaning tasks, but doing so only makes it harder to catch up. That’s why spot cleaning makes so much sense. Instead of leaving all of the hard work until the last minute, why not clean up little by little, as you go?

If you’re ready to master the art of spot cleaning, read below to learn some handy tips to get you started.

1. Clean Up Messes On-the-Go

We all know we should clean up the messes we make on-the-go, but how many of us actually follow through? Cleaning up messes right after, or at least within a reasonable timeframe of making them is the key to making your house tidier bit by bit.

Whether you’ve spilled your drink on the way to the dinner table or dropped some crumbs while munching food on the couch, you need to clean up messes when you make them, or you’ll keep putting them off. Remembering to clean up on-the-go is a habit you’ll have to form, so try to keep this tip in mind next time there’s an accident.

2. Regularly Use a Handheld Vacuum

If you haven’t already invested in a handheld vacuum, you don’t know what you’re missing out on! Less bulky and troublesome to use than a regular vacuum, handheld vacuums make it a piece of cake to clean up any crumbs, dust, or any other small or big messes that you or your family make.

The great thing is that there are so many handheld vacuums to choose from, making it easy to find one to suit your needs. For example, perhaps you’re after one that’s specially designed to clean floors or carpets (or both), or one with an extra long cord. Or maybe a wet vac for stain removal, or a pet hair brush attachment. Believe us, there’s a handheld vacuum for whatever your needs are!

3. Start Buying Effective Cleaning Products

Without effective cleaning products to get any cleaning jobs done efficiently, you’re wasting precious time and energy. Buying the right product for a particular cleaning situation is essential if you want to get in the habit of spot cleaning. After all, there’s no point in using the world’s best carpet cleaner to clean your wooden floors!

Investing in some quality cleaning products will make a huge difference when it comes to making your spot cleaning worthwhile. You’ll soon find yourself spending less time scrubbing, wiping, and vacuuming, and more time enjoying spending time in your spick and span house.

This guest post is from the Pet Life Today team.

4 Ways to Automate Your Airbnb Cleaning Service

So you’ve become an Airbnb host? Whether you have just purchased your first property, are converting your long-term lease properties to short-term rentals, or already own a number of properties, you probably understand the headache that self-management can bring.

Here at Spekless Cleaning, we work with dozens of Airbnb hosts in the Washington D.C. metro area. Today we’re going to share some of the best practices on how to automate your Airbnb cleaning schedule. This will help assist you with turnovers.

1. Hire a professional cleaning company

When it comes to the cleanliness of your Airbnb rental, it should be as clean as a hotel. Your guest will hold you to the same exact standards they would a five-star hotel. However, meeting these hospitality standards on your own can often be quite the challenge.

A professional cleaning company will help you meet those rigorous standards by taking care of the entire turnover process for you. Professional cleaners will work to ensure that your guest feels comfortable, cozy, and clean while staying with you.

2. Schedule cleanings easily

Airbnb host tend to have a lot on their plate. Between managing guests and providing excellent hospitality, you’re probably a very busy host/hostess. Here at Spekless we offer you the convenience of scheduling your cleanings online. This makes it possible for you to schedule a cleaning after each turnover, cancel, and re-schedule cleanings as necessary.

And aside from regular cleanings, you should also be scheduling routine deep cleanings for your rental. Deep cleanings aren’t necessary all of the time. But they are recommended a couple of times per year.

3. Setup auto-pay

We offer instant an instant online booking system that allows you to receive an estimate, check availability, and book services instantly. This means you don’t have to play phone tag or wait for a callback. It also allows you to set up a secure online auto payment for your turnover cleanings without the hassle of using cash. And you aren’t charged until the service is complete.

4. Keep an inventory list

In order to ensure that you get the most out of your automated cleaning service, consider keeping an inventory checklist inside the rental. Making sure your rental is stocked adequately with toiletries and supplies is one of the most important components in guest satisfaction. Save some time and let your cleaning service do an inventory check for you.

Pro Tip: Consider asking your cleaning company to snap a few pictures or a video in between cleanings. This is the safest way to ensure that nothing gets overlooked. And this helps make sure that you are informed of any damages right away.

As you can see when it comes to automated Airbnb cleanings there are a number of ways for you to save time, money, and energy. Spekless professional cleaners are able to help you free up your valuable time by scheduling all of your upcoming turnovers, keeping track of inventory, and allowing you to submit payment online.
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