Bedroom Cleaning 101

There are two types of people in this world. Those who make their beds in the morning and those who don’t. Those who don’t are usually those who don’t clean their bedrooms very often. If this is you, you might need a little help in the bedroom cleaning department. 

How often should I make my bed?

Realistically speaking you should be making your bed every single morning when you get out of it. I know it seems like a lot, but once you get in the habit of doing it, it’s not that bad. Making your bed every morning not only helps you keep a clean bedroom, it helps you achieve balance in your daily life.

How often should I wash my sheets and blankets?

If you’re sleeping on your sheets every night, you should be throwing them in the wash weekly. It doesn’t matter how much you shower, our bodies naturally secrete oil and when you’re sleeping that oil ends up on your sheets. So it’s ultimately best that you throw your sheets and blankets in the wash at the end of each week.

How often should I clean the mattress and pillows?

When it comes to bedroom cleaning, you want to make sure you’re cleaning your mattress and your pillows regularly too. Ideally, you should clean your pillows once a month. You can clean them easily by putting them in a mesh laundry bag and throwing them into the wash. Your mattress, on the other hand, can be cleaned once every two to three months by vacuuming it.

How often should I dust and vacuum?

You should be dusting your bedroom at least once every two weeks. And you should be vacuuming your bedroom weekly to help prevent further dust buildup. Make sure you’re dusting everything in your bedroom from the nightstand to any shelving and even the corners of the wall. 


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How to Clean Your Kids Toys

If you have a toddler or a baby in the house, we know how easy it can be for toys to take over your house. This also means that when the toys takeover so does the bacteria. Which is why it’s important for you as a parent to clean your kids’ toys on a regular basis.

With a few tips, you can easily clean your kids’ toys using:

The dishwasher

One option for cleaning your kids toys is to throw them in the dishwasher. When using this method make sure you are only cleaning toys that are small, hard, and or made of plastic. You wouldn’t want to throw a teddy bear in the dishwasher, it could cause a lot of damage to it.


Soaking toys in vinegar is another great way to clean your kids toys. This is one of the more natural and green ways to clean your kids toys. Simply fill a bowl with cool water and a cup of vinegar and let them sit for 30 minutes. Be sure to rinse thoroughly when you’re done.

Soap & water

You can clean anything using soap and water. Fill the sink with warm water and antibacterial soap and let the toys soak for 30 minutes before taking them out. The rinse any soap residue off and let them air dry.

The washing machine

With the help of a good ole fashion mesh laundry bag, you can wash any of your kids plush toys in just a few minutes. Carefully place any stuffed animals inside a mesh laundry bag and pop them in the washer and wash using a mild detergent. Your child’s favorite friend will come out looking like new. To help kill any germs or bacteria that may be harboring around the stuffed animal, add a cup of vinegar to the wash.


We hope you found these tips helpful for cleaning your kids toys. If you need help in any other areas of your house be sure to check out our blog for more cleaning tips. Or if you’re looking for a professional house cleaner, get a free service quote today.


4 Unique Household Cleaning Hacks

Learning how to clean your house using innovative cleaning hacks can save you a lot of time and energy in the long run. Today we are going to show you how to clean your house using things you already have and things you probably didn’t know you could clean with.

Cold Water Cleaning Hack

Try treating fresh stains like barbecue sauce stains using cool water. Using hot water to treat a stain is a common myth. Water that is super cold or hot can press the stain further into the surface. Using cool (not cold) water works wonders as a pre-treatment. Just pour the cool water on the stain and soak it up with a towel before putting the item in the washer.

Showerhead Cleaning Hack

Classic buildup on your shower head can easily be cleaned using vinegar. Yes, the vinegar you have in your kitchen pantry can remove limescale and soap scum from your showerhead. Just unscrew your showerhead and let it soak in pure vinegar for 30 minutes or so and that’s it! If your showerhead doesn’t come off, fill a sandwich bag or small grocery bag full of vinegar and tie it to the shower head until it’s fully immersed. 

Dish Wand Cleaning Hack

Did you know that your dish wand is the perfect cleaning tool for more than just your dishes? Using the interchangeable sponges your dish wand can be used for a variety of tasks around the house including showers, tubs, and toilets. Just fill it with a solution of half dish soap-half vinegar to help fight soap scum and toilet stains. And voila! You’ve got the ultimate cleaning tool.

Grease Stain Cleaning Hack

Aside from vinegar, cornstarch is another must-have pantry item that’s good to keep on hand for certain stain emergencies. Cornstarch works wonders as a pre-treatment for treating grease stains. Pour cornstarch over the entire grease stain and allow it to sit for 15 minutes. Then wipe away using cool water (or vacuum depending on the surface).

Need Help?

There’s always help when you need it. Finding time to clean your household each and every day can be difficult. But there’s help available. Here at Spekless, we offer one-time and routine cleaning services to help you achieve the needs of your household. Contact us today for a free estimate

Wood Cleaning Tips: How to Clean Wood Your Floors & Furniture

Wood cleaning is one of those household chores you can breeze through if done right. But it can also be challenging. Especially if you don’t have the right resources.

It’s important to make sure you clean your hardwood flooring and furniture if you want to keep up their appearance. It’s also important to make sure you are using the right materials to prevent any unwanted damage to the wood surface.

How to Clean Hardwood Floors

The first thing you want to do when cleaning your hardwood floors is to make sure that the floor is properly prepared by moving everything out of your way and sweeping it. Think of it like cleaning your car. You wouldn’t want to wax a dirty car, would you? I didn’t think so.

The next thing you’ll want to do is mop the floor using wood floor cleaner. It’s important to use a floor cleaner that’s specifically designed to clean your wood floor so that no damage occurs from the chemicals. Once the floor is dry you can begin waxing it to finish your cleaning.

Start by spreading the wax on the floor in an even and thin layer. Following the directions on the bottle of wax let it dry for the suggested amount of time. You may have to apply a second coat of wax once the first one has dried – use your best judgment to decide this. And that’s pretty much it! You’re all finished!

How to Clean Wood Furniture

Carefully caring for your wood furniture will pay off in the long haul. It will keep your furniture durable, long lasting, and shiny. Take a microfiber cloth and rub your wood surface cleaner into the furniture following the wood grain. And just like with your floors, waxing your wood furniture every now and then can be essential to the appearance of it.

Need Help?

If you need help with wood cleaning in your home, contact us today for a free estimate. Our professional cleaners are here to help. We clean wood flooring, furniture, and more. Let us do the work for you!

How to Incorporate Feng Shui into your Home

5 Ways to Create a Feng Shui Home

If only rejuvenating your life was as simple as it sounded. What if I told you that you could rejuvenate your life and your home in just a few simple steps? You probably wouldn’t believe me, but it’s true! Having a feng shui home can be easy and effortless when you start by getting back to basics. 

What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui (pronounced Fung-Shway) is based on the Chinese art in which your living space reflects your personal life in a balanced and healthy way. It is believed that all objects possess an energy referred to as chi. This energy has been known to bring good luck, opportunities, and wealth into your home and life.

1. Eliminate Clutter

One of the first principles of Feng Shui is that a cluttered house equals a cluttered mind. It is believed that clutter takes all of the energy and life out of a space. So although you might think that hiding the clutter is helping, it’s not. Even when it’s tucked away from the rest of the world, the clutter also finds a way to fill your head. If you’re going to take your new life seriously, it’s time to eliminate any and all clutter from your home.

2. Find Balance

To have a balanced life you must have a balanced home. In order to have a balanced home, you want to make sure you have elements that represent balance in every room. There are five elements the Chinese use to represent balance in a home which are earth, fire, metal, water, and wood. You can read more about these elements and how to incorporate them into your space here.

3. Use Plants

Indoor plants are good for the home for a number of reasons including eliminating allergens and providing you with fresh oxygen. They will also bring a positive flow of energy into your home. Don’t have a green thumb? Consider using succulents as an alternative.

4. Add Mirrors

Have you ever had one of those moments where you look into the mirror and you love what you see? That’s because mirrors reflect energy – both good and bad. So when adding mirrors to your house you want to add them wisely by placing them where you want to increase positive energy flow. Make sure they are reflecting something beautiful like a piece of art or a vanity and not a trash can or another empty wall.

5. Make Your Bed

Your bedroom is one of the most important spaces of your home. Every morning when you get up and out of bed, make your bed. No excuses. Not only will this make you feel better your space will look better and it will create a good flowing chi.

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