15 Spring Cleaning Tips for a Sparkling Clean Home

There isn’t anything more satisfying than a little spring cleaning around the house. Whenever you’re ready to get things back to the way they were after a long cold winter, just grab out your cleaning basket and begin your spring cleaning ritual.

Pump up the jams because below we’ve listed 15 spring cleaning tips both big and small to help you get your home back to its natural state of being cleaned and organized. 

1. Clean out the drawers

First up on our list of spring cleaning tips is to get organized. In order to get organized, you’ll want to go around and empty out all of your drawers. Make sure that you get rid of anything old or unused before wiping out the drawers with a microfiber cloth and a mild soap.

Then go ahead and neatly fill the drawer with things you are currently using. Do this in the kitchen, the bathroom, the bedroom, the office, and any common areas of the house. 

2. Toss out all the old products

We mentioned this a little bit in tip number one but this also applies to other areas of the house. So the next step in the spring cleaning process is to go around and toss out things that are old or things you aren’t using. One of the main areas you’ll want to look at here is the kitchen working your way through the cabinets and the refrigerator throwing away old and expired food. 

3. Disinfect your devices

Nothing great spring cleaning tip is to make sure that you clean and disinfect all of your electronics and devices. Unless you’re a clean freak and you find yourself wiping these things down often throughout the week you’ll want to do this now. Just take a can of disinfecting dusting spray and a microfiber cloth and work your way through the house wiping down places like the television, the remotes, the computers and keyboards, and anything that you touch.

4. Restore your bookshelves 

If you have a bookshelf in your home or a shelf that could use a little bit of organization, bring your attention to it. Remove everything from the shelves and wipe it down with a duster then place the books back on it in a neat and organized fashion. 

5. Wipe down all the cabinets 

During the winter there are specific things in your house that tend to get neglected. Cleaning the cabinets is one of them. Be sure to go around and wipe down all the cabinets in the kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room using a cleaning cloth and a mild detergent. 

6. Empty out the diaper bags

One of the fun things about spring cleaning is that it’s out with the old and in with the new. This goes for your diaper bag and purse too. You can either empty out these bad boys before throwing them in the washer and cleaning them or you can resell them and start fresh with new ones for the new year. It’s up to you, but cleaning them out is a must. 

7. Vacuum all furniture 

Not only do you want to make sure that you vacuum all the floors in your house but you also want to make sure that you go through and vacuum all the furniture. Make sure you get in the crevices of your couch, in between your bed, and under any coffee tables. This is to ensure that you get all the lingering dust mites out.

8. Revive the dishwasher

A vital part of spring cleaning is cleaning your appliances. But one appliance that is often left standing in the dust is your dishwasher. Take a cup of cleaning vinegar place it inside and run your empty dishwasher to help get it back to its original clean state. 

9. And the washer

You also want to do this in your washing machine. And if you notice that your washer has an odor coming from it you can add a cup of baking soda to help absorb and kill any bacteria. 

10. Shampoo the carpet and wax the floors 

Once you’ve gone through and vacuumed or mopped all of your floors the next thing you want to do is go through and shampoo the carpets. Or wax the floors. When you go to do this you should make sure it’s the very last thing you do in that room and you should do it on a room by room basis. This is to ensure that you aren’t backtracking and that no dirt gets carried from one place to another. 

11. Clean and clear the drains

For this spring cleaning tip, you’ll want to go around to all the drains in the house and check that they are working properly. If they are you can clean them by pouring a cup of vinegar down the drain and letting it sit before flushing it out with hot water. If the drains aren’t working properly, try cleaning them first and if that doesn’t work then it’s time to call a plumber. 

12. Buff the appliances

After you’ve cleaned all of your appliances you’ll want to go around with a dry cleaning cloth and make sure they’re all nice and shiny. If you have stainless steel or copper appliances using a dab of olive oil on your cloth is a really good method for buffing them nice and shiny.

13. Wipe down the fridge inside and out

A vital part of any spring cleaning tips list is ensuring that you clean out your refrigerator from top to bottom. After you’ve emptied out the fridge and gotten rid of any old or expired food, you want to wipe it out. Wipe down all of the shelves, drawers, handles, and walls inside and out.

14. Don’t forget about your yard work

Spring cleaning isn’t just about cleaning the inside of your house. It’s also about making sure things look good on the outside. So don’t forget to go outside for work. Check to see if the grass needs cut or the gutters need to be cleared before you call it quits. 

15. Hire a professional if you need help

If you need any help with spring cleaning your home, hiring a professional can help. Here at Spekless, we can send a professional cleaner to your home to help you with your inside chores. Contact us today for a free estimate and see how we can assist you.

Spring Cleaning Checklist Part 2: Days 6-11

We’re back as promised! And as promised here’s week number two of our annual Spring Cleaning checklist.

Depending on how efficient you are in tending to your household chores, you may be able to take on a few of these tasks in one day. If you can, that’s great. And if you can’t, don’t worry. This checklist was created with the idea that since we lead such busy lives most people will need to spread out their Spring cleaning accordingly.

Day 6: 

  • Empty out any and all trash
  • Take valuables in the house
  • Take it to the car wash and give it a thorough vacuum and dusting inside
  • Scrub the exterior, rinse, and repeat until shiny
  • Wax to finish

Day 7: 
Odds & Ends

  • Empty and wash all garbage cans and recycling bins
  • Organize and declutter your junk/misc drawer
  • Change any filters that need it (water filters, refrigerator filters, air filter, etc)
  • Wipe down all remotes, phones, Kindles, tablets, and computers (use disinfectant these items can harbor a large number of bacteria)
  • Gather up all those coins laying around and take them to a Coinstar

Day 8: 

  • Sort through any unused items for donating, selling, or throwing away
  • Give it a good sweep inside and out
  • Prepare to have a garage sale get rid of all of your unused items by selling them 

Day 9: Fireplace

  • Start by opening the windows to ensure proper airflow
  • Clean out the fireplace (for minimal users)
  • Active users may want to call a chimney sweep 

Day 10: Porch

  • Sweep off the porch
  • Water any plants & plant new plants
  • Replace any light bulbs 
  • Paint the porch if needed

Day 11: 

Spring Cleaning Checklist: Days 1-5

Spring cleaning differs from regular or routine cleaning in the sense that it can take a lot longer. Most people designate a week or two to spring cleaning so they can clean, declutter, and do their yearly chores all at the same time. So if you don’t know where to begin with your spring cleaning, don’t worry you’re not alone!

Over the next couple of weeks, we are going to walk you through each week of Spring cleaning. The checklist we have created will walk you through each day of cleaning and decluttering your home. It will help you stay motivated, inspired, and the best part is that you can use it for other seasons too.

Day 1: Dusting

  • Open your windows and let the fresh air blow through the house (trust me, once you get going you’re going to wish you had opened them in the first place)
  • Dust, sweep, and vacuum up any dust mites and cobwebs in the corners. 
  • Dust any knick-knacks, books, and shelves
  • Launder any drapes, couch covers, rugs, and any other upholstery as instructed in the label

Day 2: 

  • Clean all mirrors including bathroom and bedroom mirrors
  • Switch all your winter clothing to the back of the closet
  • Create a donate box to donate things like old clothing, unused kitchen appliances and utensils, or old toys
  • Sort through old shoes

Day 3: 

  • Begin bathroom sorting (throw out old and expired medicine and cosmetics)
  • Launder and organize the linen closet
  • Put old or unused towels in the donation box
  • Organize emergency supplies and restock the first aid kit
  • Deep clean the bathrooms

Day 4: 

  • Deep clean all appliances (this included all knobs, handles, and accessories that came with them)
  • Sanitize all handles, door knobs, and buttons, not just in the kitchen in the entire home
  • Self-Clean the washer (while this is self-cleaning wipe down the tops of your washer and dryer removing any soap residue and dust)
  • Toss out any old food, remove any interchangeable compartments and let them soak, and wipe out your refrigerator

Day 5: 

  • Feed the houseplants and clean their area (of course you should care for your plants routinely) 
  • Wash your windows inside and out
  • Vacuum window screens
  • Clean up any dead or fallen leaves

Be sure to check back next week for days 6-11 of our spring cleaning checklist!

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