Are You Having Trouble Keeping Your House Clean?

Are you finding yourself living in a never-ending mess? Do you have trouble keeping your house clean on a regular basis? Sometimes, due to our busy lives and unpredictable schedules, it can be tough to keep your home clean. Don’t worry, it just means your human.

We all have had trouble keeping our houses clean at one point or another. The key is to not let a season of trouble keep you from achieving your household goals. Taking time to recognize the behaviors you’ve been exhibiting is the first step in changing them.

For example, you might be having trouble keeping your house clean if you…

Have a lot going on

Maybe you have a lot of things going on in your life lately that need your time and attention more than your house. It happens to the best of us. If this is the case, consider hiring outside help from a professional cleaning service to help you keep your house clean.

Have no idea where to begin

If you have a lot of belongings inside your home or if you haven’t given it the proper TLC that it needs, you may not have any idea where to begin when it comes to cleaning. It can be a huge mental hurdle to start cleaning when you have no idea where to begin.

Don’t have a good system

You could be having trouble keeping your house clean if you don’t have a well-established cleaning routine. Or in other words, your system is jacked. Consider habitual being more diligent about your household chores. Create a monthly cleaning chart to hang in the kitchen to help you build a better cleaning routine. 

Have high standards

Having high standards about the cleanliness of your household is great. But it also means it might be preventing you from keeping your house clean the way you want it. If you find that you’re holding your home to an unrealistic high standard due to hours of scrolling on Pinterest and Instagram, it’s time to let that go. 

Need help keeping your home nice and tidy?

Since we how frustrating it can be to keep your house clean, we want to be your first call when you need help. Here at Spekless, our house cleaners have everything they need to provide you with the cleaning you deserve. Contact us today for a free service estimate.

Why Cleaning the House Should Be on the Top of your Priority List

Housework can often feel like a never-ending chore. And if you don’t have a routine or priority hierarchy the cleaning may never get done. When it comes to cleaning the house, this is something that should be at the top of your priority list for many reasons. Before we go into detail about why cleaning the house should be at the top of your list, let’s look at some things you can do to make that happen.

Consider creating a to-do list to help focus your attention and prevent procrastination. If you have children, think about making a chore list to delegate out the monthly household chores. It also helps to do little things each day so that you don’t overwhelm yourself trying to do everything at once. Take a few minutes each week to prioritize and divide the duties. This provides less stress on you and keeps cleaning at the top list.

Now when you think about your list of priorities, cleaning the house may or may not be at the top of your list. If you have children or a big family it can be hard to put at the top of your list. But there are several reasons to keep cleaning the house a top priority and today we’re going to share a few of those reasons with you.

Prevent Buildup

If left unattended the dust, dirt, and grim throughout your home can add up pretty quickly. And when it does, the buildup is often difficult and messy to clean up. In order to prevent this buildup, it’s important to make dusting apart of your monthly cleaning routine. 

Reduce Allergens

If you or someone you live with suffers from allergies whether they’re seasonal or year-round, establishing a cleaning routine will help reduce their allergens. There are many things in a house that can cause and irritate allergies. So making cleaning a priority is crucial a crucial component to eliminating and reducing airborne allergies.

More Free Time

When you make cleaning the house a priority and not a chore, you’re able to get more done in a small amount of time. This means you’ll have more free time to do the things you love instead of spending all day cleaning house. It also means that cleaning will be easier and you won’t have to spend as much time on each task. So it’s really a win-win situation.


If you need help establishing a cleaning routine, we are here to help. Here at Spekless we are able to provide routine house cleanings to help you achieve your goals. Visit this page to learn more about scheduling a cleaning with us.
Hiring a Move In-Move Out Cleaning Service

Isn’t it enough to move all of those heavy boxes from one place to another? I mean, the last thing anyone wants to do after they’ve packed and moved all of their stuff is clean. Although move in-move out cleaning is easy to neglect, it’s a vital part of the process. 

Many people say that moving is one of the most stressful and exhausting experiences of their life. From getting their things in order, changing their address, and scheduling transportation, to cleaning and organizing. Moving can be a lot. Instead of adding another thing to your plate, consider hiring company to do your move in-move out cleaning for you.

Moving In

Although your new place should be sparking in its glory, don’t assume that will always be the case. We recommend a move in cleaningbefore you unload your personal belongings. This way you know every inch of the room gets the attention that it needs prior to your inhabiting the space. 

Moving Out

It’s important to leave a clean empty place when moving out. This not only ensures that you get your deposit back (if you put one down), it ensures you a good strong reputation. A lot of times, new landlords or even a mortgage company will want to know your housing history. That being said, you want to make sure you cover all your bases.

Standard move in-move out checklist:
  • Dust (everything)
  • Deep clean kitchen appliances
  • Clean out cabinets
  • Clean sinks & countertops
  • Scrub toilets
  • Scrub shower & bathtub
  • Wipe down baseboards
  • Vacuum and sweep all floors

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