4 Mistakes That Can Slow Down Your Household Cleaning

We know that when you are cleaning your home, you to get your household cleaning done as fast as possible. No one wants to spend their entire weekend cleaning. But are there things that you’re overlooking that are causing you to work harder than you should? Here we’re lining out four mistakes that can actually slow you down when cleaning.

1. Forgetting the top to bottom rule

So many people forget the top to bottom rule when it comes time to clean. If you vacuum before you dust you’re just making more work for yourself in the long run, which is inevitably slowing down your household cleaning. Work from the top of the room to the bottom to prevent having to go back and re-clean what you just cleaned. 

2. Failing to clean your supplies

Dirty mops and cloths are used to clean up dirt. So it’s only rational to clean them when you’re finished in order to prevent the spread of bacteria from one cleaning to the next. You can clean a dirty surface with dirty supplies. It only slows you down.

3. Not rinsing your dishes before putting them in the dishwasher

Many homeowners will swear that you don’t need to pre-wash your dishes before putting them into the dishwasher. While that may be true, you still need to scrap off the leftover food and give them a quick and thorough rinse. Otherwise, you’re just making more work for yourself when you end up having to wash them when they’re done in the dishwasher.

4. Cleaning without a routine

Cleaning routines are such a vital part of household cleaning. If you don’t have an adequate cleaning routine each week you could end up spending more time cleaning than you would like on the weekends. This will help you clean faster and more efficient without slowing you down in the long haul.

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