Can you clean the exterior of my windows and balcony?

Our insurance coverage does not allow us to perform any work outside of the home.

Can we leave you a key?

As policy we do not hold on to customer keys. If you do not live in an apartment with a concierge, we suggest either hiding a key for us leaving the key in a lockbox for us to access.

What type of cleaning supplies do you use?

The teams normally use Lysol-brand products, depending on the floor they will use swiffer floor cleaner or may use murphys oil for wet mopping.

Do you do carpet cleaning/shampooing?

Unfortunately we do not offer carpet cleaning or shampooing. Reach out to us and we are happy to make a recommendation for a company that does.

What is your tipping policy?

Tips are always appreciated, but never expected. If you feel that your team did an outstanding job with your service, feel free to tip them in cash, or we can help add a tip to your credit card payment.

From our experience, customers tend to leave a $20-$40 tip for teams when they feel that service was excellent.

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