Keep Your Kitchen Under Control With a Cleaning Checklist

The best way to clean any room in the house is to come up with a weekly cleaning routine to help you clean it easily and effectively. We were selected by Redfin as a top cleaning expert! See the article we were featured in: Kitchen Cleaning 101: Experts Share Their Favorite Tips

Today we’re going to walk you through the best way to clean your kitchen in a few simple steps.

First things first, before you begin you’ll want to gather all of your cleaning supplies so that you’ll have everything you need handy. After you’ve gathered your supplies you can start the kitchen cleaning process.

Dust everything from top to bottom

You want to start the kitchen cleaning process by dusting everything from top to bottom. Working from top to bottom prevents you from having to redo any work you’ve previously done. And while you’re doing this you’ll want to remove any trash from the countertops (and other places that it doesn’t belong) so that you can move on to checkpoint number two. 

Take out the trash 

Next you’ll go around and pick up and trash or spoiled food and throw it away before taking out the trash. Nothing more to it, this step is pretty simple.

Do the dishes & clean the sink

Now you can start to do the dishes by either washing them and setting them out to try or rinsing them and putting them in the dishwasher. Once you’re finished with the dishes you can start to work on your sink (cleaning the sink is an important part of kitchen cleaning). Spray it down and let it disinfect for about 4 to five minutes before scrubbing it down and rinsing it with hot water.

Disinfect all surfaces 

Once you’ve dusted, taken out the trash, done the dishes, and cleaned the sink you can now start to disinfect and clean all the touchable surfaces in your kitchen. This is your countertops, your microwave, drawer handles and knobs, the handles on your refrigerator (and the outside of it), and anything else that you or your family may have touched. Go around and spray the surfaces with your disinfectant and allow it to sit for at least 1 minute before taking your cleaning cloth to it.

Clean the floor

The very last thing you want to do when cleaning any room in the house (but especially the kitchen) is clean the floors. You’ll work from the inside of the room to the outside of the room when sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping the floor so that you don’t have to backtrack.

And that’s really all there is to it when it comes to kitchen cleaning. The more you settle into a cleaning routine the easier it is to clean it each week.

Professional kitchen cleaning

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Is Hot Water More Effective Than Cold Water?

When it comes to cleaning, water can aid you in a variety of ways. We use it when we’re dishwashing and doing laundry. But there’s one question everyone seems to be asking and that is: is hot water more effective than cold water? Let’s take a look.

It aids in removing bacteria

Hot water doesn’t exactly kill bacteria but it does aid in the removal of it. It gets rid of potential hosts for bacteria by working together with detergent to attack oil and grime. It’s best to soak things in a bucket or a bowl of hot water and detergent for at least 30 minutes to make this method effective.

It helps cut food on your dishes

Can’t get that hard stuck on food off your plate so you can throw it in the dishwasher? Hot water is great for cutting stuck on food off of surfaces. And going back to the first thing we said about aiding in the removal of bacteria, that comes in handy here too. Running your dishwasher with hot water and detergent helps sanitize your dishes for a better clean.

But here’s the catch…

Cold water is better for your laundry

Though hot water is better for the majority of household cleaning tasks, cold water is better for your laundry. Using cold water for your laundry can prevent stains and odors from setting further into the fabric. Hot water only increases the chance of them settling into the fabric and makes it harder for you to remove them.

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5 Genius Household Cleaning Hacks That Will Blow Your Mind

Looking for some new and fresh ideas to help you spice up your household cleaning routine? Look no further.

Here are five genius household cleaning hacks that every homeowner needs:

1. Freshen up your sink with baking soda

Is there a bad smell coming from your sink or garbage disposal? Have you tried every chemical in your cleaning closet to get rid of it? Try sprinkling a little bit of baking soda down the drain. Baking soda is a natural odor eliminator and it will help get rid of any bad smells coming from the sink.

2. Soak your burners in ammonia 

Having trouble cleaning the burners on your stove? You’ve soaked them in every cleaner imaginable and they’re still not coming clean? Try soaking them in ammonia (which you can find in the cleaning supply aisle at the store) for a couple of hours. Once they’ve had a chance to soak in ammonia for a few hours they should wipe away completely clean. 

3. Get those baseboards with a dryer sheet

Baseboards are everyone’s least favorite household chore, we get it. But that’s only because it’s a pain to clean them, until now. Stick a dryer sheet on the end of your broom and run it along the edges of your baseboards. Not only will this help you dust them, but it’ll also help fresh things up a bit too.

4. Pop a bowl of vinegar in the microwave to clean it

This is possibly one of our favorite household cleaning hacks out there. Take a little bowl (one that is microwave safe) and add a half a cup of white cleaning vinegar to it and then pop it in the microwave on high for 3-5 minutes. Once the microwave goes off, let it sit for 2 minutes before removing the bowl and wiping the microwave completely clean. No more scrubbing away hard, stuck-on food.

5. Run vinegar through the coffee pot

The coffee pot is probably one of the most neglected household appliances in your house. Of course, you use it every day, but how often are you actually cleaning it? Fill the pot with vinegar and run it through the coffee machine at night before you go to bed. This will help with the mineral build-up inside the coffee pot and it will make your coffee taste better.

Bonus Hack

6. Contact Spekless for help

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Tips & Tricks to Help You Keep Your Kitchen Counters Clutter-Free

Having trouble keeping your kitchen counters clean and clutter-free? Consider the following tips & tricks to help you stay on the right track and keep things organized in the kitchen.

Use wall space to hang things

The wall is a great place to hang utensils, pots and pans, and even kitchen decor. It’s also great for decluttering the kitchen counter. Consider hanging things on the wall instead of leaving them lying on the counter to take up space.

Place appliances under the counter

Once you’ve finished with the blender go ahead and stash it under the counter in a cabinet so it’s out of the way. This will provide you with more counter space and leave you with a clutter-free kitchen. You can do this with like toaster ovens, coffee pots, and again the blender.

Have a junk drawer

Another way to keep your kitchen counter clutter-free is to have a junk drawer. A junk drawer is good to put miscellaneous things in including old papers, mail, stationery, and virtually anything else that can be found floating around on the counter. Just throw it in the junk drawer.

Don’t decorate too much

Decorating is fun, but sometimes it can cause more harm than good. Too much decor can often leave your space, in this case, the kitchen, looking more cluttered than clean. Do yourself a favor and limit the decor for a clutter-free kitchen.

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Why Safe Cleaning Should Be Your Top Priority

Cleaning essentially plays an important part in our daily lives. From cleaning ourselves to cleaning our houses, it’s something we just can’t avoid. That’s why it’s important to do it right and to practice safe cleaning habits.

Safe cleaning 101

Safe cleaning in a household is important for many different reasons. Cleaning chemicals can at times cause burns, skin irritation, and allergic reactions if not used properly. They can also cause damage to any surface your using them to clean. In order to prevent any of these occurrences from happening it’s imperative that you practice safe cleaning.

Always read the directions first

One of the most important ways to practice safe cleaning is to get in the habit of reading the label on any chemical product you plan to use before you use it.

Use rubber gloves

Rubber cleaning gloves are another great way to practice safe cleaning. These prevent any chemicals from getting to your hands and causing any chemical burns or allergic reactions.

Consider green cleaners

Green cleaning products are the best option for families with children that are looking to adopt some new safety habits. Green cleaners are generally less harsh than typical house cleaners and they are environmentally friendly.

Don’t mix products

One of the most dangerous things about cleaning is mixing chemicals together. Mixing chemicals together can cause chemical burns, damage to the surface, and even explosions. Check out MSDS for more information on mixing chemicals.

Clean in a well-ventilated area

Whenever you’re using a strong chemical to clean you need to make sure there’s enough air the room for you to breathe. Open up the window and make sure there’s good airflow before beginning that task.


At Spekless we understand and value the importance of safe cleaning. Contact us today to see what our professional house cleaners can do for you. As a professional home cleaning service, you can count on us for safety and quality.

Living Room Cleaning Checklist

Living room cleaning checklist

1. Declutter

To start off your living room cleaning checklist, the first thing you’ll do is go through and declutter your living room. Make sure the space is free and clear and easily accessible.

2. Dust

Now go through and dust everything using a cleaning cloth and a dusting spray. For high places, you can use a hand duster. And for the blinds, you can use either a hand duster or the brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner.

3. Sanitize

Once you’re done dusting the entire living room you can start to sanitize any surfaces that need to be disinfected. Surfaces include but are not limited to any remote controls, buttons on the entertainment system, a home telephone, and any handles on drawers or doors.

4. Upholstery

After you’ve sanitized everything now you can go through and clean all of your upholstery. Start by vacuuming the surface using the brush attachment on your vacuum. And if you have any covers on your upholstery you can go ahead and throw them in the washing machine. After you’ve vacuumed the surface you can wipe it down with a damp cleaning cloth or by using the recommended cleaning regime specified by the manufacturer.

5. Shelving

If you have any shelves or drawers in your living room nows the time to clean them out. Wipe down any shelves and pull everything out of the drawers before wiping them down as well. Just take your cleaning cloth and spray it with antibacterial dusting spray before wiping down the surface.

6. Windows

Now it’s time to break out the window cleaner and your microfiber cleaning cloth and clean all the windows in your living room. For this step, you could also go the old fashion route and use newspaper if you don’t have a microfiber rag.

7. Floors

The last thing for you to do in this living room cleaning checklist is to sweep, vacuum, and mop the floors (if applicable). Once you’re done with that you can kick your feet back and relax. You deserve it!

For more living room cleaning tips, check out this post.


Did this living room cleaning checklist work for you? If so, be sure to check out our blog for more house cleaning tips. Or if you’re interested in getting help cleaning yourself, go ahead and contact us today for a free service estimate. We are here to help!

Living Room Cleaning Tips

The living room is often the center focal point of ones home. It’s often known as the family room. This is where the family gathers after a long day, where you visit with friends and family, and where you enjoy the holidays. Because of that, it’s important to keep a clean living room. Today we’re sharing living room cleaning tips that will help you get your living room on the right track.

Living room cleaning tips


The first thing you want to do when cleaning your living room is to make sure that it’s not cluttered. A lot of times people confuse clutter with dirt. Just because something is cluttered, doesn’t mean it’s dirty. So first things first, declutter your living room. Make sure everything has a home and if it doesn’t toss it in the donate pile.


Next thing you’ll do is go through and make sure everything is dusted. Grab your microfiber cleaning rag and dusting spray and wipe down any wood furniture, shelving, blinds, end or coffee tables, etc. This is also the time to go around and disinfect any surfaces that need disinfecting such as the remotes and the tables.


After you’ve decluttered and dusted, nows the time to divide and conquer. By that I mean, work section by section cleaning the windows, washing any upholstery covers, changing out any air fresheners, and cleaning the floors. It’s best to work from the inside of the living room out.

Need help cleaning your living room?

The key to a clean house is keeping consistency. That means you’ll need to clean often. We know this can be hard to do when you have a career and a family to take care of. Which is why we’re here to help. Our professional house cleaners live for this type of work. It’s what we’re here for. Contact us today for a free service estimate.


Bedroom Cleaning 101

There are two types of people in this world. Those who make their beds in the morning and those who don’t. Those who don’t are usually those who don’t clean their bedrooms very often. If this is you, you might need a little help in the bedroom cleaning department. 

How often should I make my bed?

Realistically speaking you should be making your bed every single morning when you get out of it. I know it seems like a lot, but once you get in the habit of doing it, it’s not that bad. Making your bed every morning not only helps you keep a clean bedroom, it helps you achieve balance in your daily life.

How often should I wash my sheets and blankets?

If you’re sleeping on your sheets every night, you should be throwing them in the wash weekly. It doesn’t matter how much you shower, our bodies naturally secrete oil and when you’re sleeping that oil ends up on your sheets. So it’s ultimately best that you throw your sheets and blankets in the wash at the end of each week.

How often should I clean the mattress and pillows?

When it comes to bedroom cleaning, you want to make sure you’re cleaning your mattress and your pillows regularly too. Ideally, you should clean your pillows once a month. You can clean them easily by putting them in a mesh laundry bag and throwing them into the wash. Your mattress, on the other hand, can be cleaned once every two to three months by vacuuming it.

How often should I dust and vacuum?

You should be dusting your bedroom at least once every two weeks. And you should be vacuuming your bedroom weekly to help prevent further dust buildup. Make sure you’re dusting everything in your bedroom from the nightstand to any shelving and even the corners of the wall. 


Need help cleaning your bedroom? Contact us today for a free estimate and one of our specialists will follow up with a free service estimate. Our professional house cleaners are trained to clean household rooms such as the bedroom. And we would love to work with you.

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