Bathroom Cleaning Checklist

Bathroom cleaning is one of the most important cleaning tasks in a household. The bathroom should be cleaned weekly. In our efforts to help you save some time and energy we’ve created a bathroom cleaning checklist (and list of supplies) to help you get the job done right.

Bathroom Cleaning Supplies

When cleaning the bathroom you want to have all your supplies in one place. The best thing to do would be to purchase a caddy or a tote to hold all of your supplies under the bathroom sink. After you’ve gathered all of your supplies you can begin working on your bathroom cleaning checklist.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Caddy or tote
  • Sponge
  • Rubber gloves
  • Toilet bowl brush/scrubber
  • Microfiber rag
  • Mini broom/dustpan
  • Glass cleaner
  • Bathroom all-purpose cleaner

Bathroom Cleaning Checklist

As a general rule of thumb, when cleaning you always want to work your way from the top to the bottom and from the inside of the room out. Grab out your cleaning basket, remove any rugs, and then begin with the following:

Empty Trash

After you’ve removed all or any bath mats or rugs from the bathroom you can start your cleaning checklist by emptying the trash. This is also when you’ll want to remove any dirty laundry and anything on the countertops.


Next, take your duster and work from top to bottom dusting the entire bathroom. Dust any light fixtures, the top of the medicine cabinet, the back of the toilet, etc.


Now spray everything down with your bathroom cleaner slash disinfectant. This is your tub, sinks, toilet, and counterspace. It’s also a good idea to spray your trash can down too. They can get a little dirty sometimes. Once you’ve sprayed them, let the solution sit for at least two minutes before moving on to the next step.


Taking your microfiber cloth, wipe down all surfaces you just sprayed. If your bathtub needs a little TLC, take your bathroom cleaner and spray it again and then use your sponge to help remove some of the soap scum and grime from it. Once that’s done you can take your glass cleaner and a clean microfiber cloth and wipe down the mirror before heading to the last step.

Pro Tip: After you’ve wiped down your surfaces take a dry microfiber cloth to buff and shine the surfaces.


Finish up your bathroom cleaning checklist by vacuuming and mopping your floors from the inner corner out. It’s best to use a microfiber mop on the bathroom floor to really make it shine.

Need Help?

There’s help when you need it. Finding time to clean the bathroom in our everyday lives is difficult. If you’re too busy to clean the bathrooms in your help or it’s becoming overwhelming, there’s help available. Here at Spekless, we offer one-time and routine cleaning services to help you achieve the needs of your household. Contact us today for a free estimate

How to Incorporate Feng Shui into your Home

5 Ways to Create a Feng Shui Home

If only rejuvenating your life was as simple as it sounded. What if I told you that you could rejuvenate your life and your home in just a few simple steps? You probably wouldn’t believe me, but it’s true! Having a feng shui home can be easy and effortless when you start by getting back to basics. 

What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui (pronounced Fung-Shway) is based on the Chinese art in which your living space reflects your personal life in a balanced and healthy way. It is believed that all objects possess an energy referred to as chi. This energy has been known to bring good luck, opportunities, and wealth into your home and life.

1. Eliminate Clutter

One of the first principles of Feng Shui is that a cluttered house equals a cluttered mind. It is believed that clutter takes all of the energy and life out of a space. So although you might think that hiding the clutter is helping, it’s not. Even when it’s tucked away from the rest of the world, the clutter also finds a way to fill your head. If you’re going to take your new life seriously, it’s time to eliminate any and all clutter from your home.

2. Find Balance

To have a balanced life you must have a balanced home. In order to have a balanced home, you want to make sure you have elements that represent balance in every room. There are five elements the Chinese use to represent balance in a home which are earth, fire, metal, water, and wood. You can read more about these elements and how to incorporate them into your space here.

3. Use Plants

Indoor plants are good for the home for a number of reasons including eliminating allergens and providing you with fresh oxygen. They will also bring a positive flow of energy into your home. Don’t have a green thumb? Consider using succulents as an alternative.

4. Add Mirrors

Have you ever had one of those moments where you look into the mirror and you love what you see? That’s because mirrors reflect energy – both good and bad. So when adding mirrors to your house you want to add them wisely by placing them where you want to increase positive energy flow. Make sure they are reflecting something beautiful like a piece of art or a vanity and not a trash can or another empty wall.

5. Make Your Bed

Your bedroom is one of the most important spaces of your home. Every morning when you get up and out of bed, make your bed. No excuses. Not only will this make you feel better your space will look better and it will create a good flowing chi.

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